Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest Post: Inside Nessa's Art Journaling World

Hello Dear Friends, I am so excited about today's Art Journaling Post!  I get the honor to introduce you to my new friend Nessa.  She is incredibly talented and makes the most beautifully expressive Art Journal Pages.
In fact, all the pictures you see here are her gorgeous work.  Nessa has a sweet spirit and pure heart, which can easily be seen in her art and through her blog where she shares her creative process with others.
She also happens to be honoring me this month by participating in my sponsor swap.  I couldnt be happier to show off her amazing artwork and let her share a bit more about herself with you. 
From Nessa: "Hi!  My name is Vanessa Colant but more known by my nickname as Nessa from Pretty Days Studio.  I’m a creative Stay at Home mum who lives in Belgium(Europe) with my man and my 2 little sons. I’m 31 years old and I’m a creative soul.  I can’t live without ART. I’m a painter. I’m a mixed Media Artist. I’m an Art Journaler.  I love bright colors and using all my art supplies in my art journals. I love having paints on my fingers, feeling alive putting my hand in my gesso jar.  Art has saved me, Art makes me feel alive.  I need to write and draw into my journals to feel better and to write my story, my feelings, my emotion, …. I love staying hours and hours in my studio creating a canvas or an art journal page.  I live a creative life and I’m so proud of it…It’s a full time job. I love being an artist and a mum together.  You can see my art on my both English and French blog at Pretty Days Studios and being a fan on my facebook page.  I hope you enjoy my art."
Nessa's website is so fun, colorful, and totally inspiring!  I hope you'll take some time and check her out and add her to your read list.  She also posts art journaling videos.  I just love these! Here are a few of her latest videos, the first creating a background for a journal page and the second of her completing it.  I got lots of new ideas and learned some fun tricks from watching her work, and now I am totally inspired to work in my own journal today! Check them out right here or on her blog.

Thank you Nessa for sharing so much of yourself with us today.  Happy Journaling Everyone! I hope you got inspired too.


  1. I love Nessa, the sequin trim/Punchanella she is using in her video 1 is fr my etsy shop. She's one of my bestie customers! Love her work! Thks so much for sharing her with us here! Love her! hugs xo

  2. Oh, this is gorgeous!! This is just the inspiration I need at the moment. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. wow, you both inspire me so much with the beautiful journal pages you all create and the beautiful videos!
    and so inspiring!

  4. I have just become a follower and I found your wonderfully artistic blog through Wild Olive. I think your art is amazing.


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