Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Love: The 8 Month Update

Ok here it is.... time for a baby update :)  I am no longer able to ignore it.  I have reached the point where I am constantly aware that I am pregnant.  Everything I do takes more effort, more time, more focus.  I can no longer multitask, as I can barely remember all the details of one task let alone the several I used to easily balance.  My feet are gone, hidden under this belly of mine, and the inner kicks and turns that were so sweet a few months ago are now annoying and painful.  Even my "maternity" clothes are feeling tight and less comfortable, and I can no longer be bothered to get dressed out of my PJs unless I really really have to.  Sleeping is hard, hard to breathe, hard to stay comfortable, hard to stop thinking about all the things that still need to be done.  Oh and I am hot and sweating all the time...and all of this is dwarfed by the fact that I have a very active three year old constantly by my side.
I had sort of forgotten what the last 2 months can be like, or maybe I blocked it out.  I am not a very good pregnant girl.  I dont enjoy the extra attention, and I really just get more irritated by the physical limitations of my state than excited about all the extra food and naps I get to have.  I know there are women out there that really love the experience of being pregnant.  I am just not one of them.

At least I only have 8 more weeks of this.  8 more weeks until we meet this new little guy.  I am really excited to meet him, to hold him, introduce him to his big brother and awesome dad, and to find out if God has finally blessed me with one of those "great sleepers" I hear so much about from other moms.  We literally just pulled out the bins of baby stuff last night that we packed away from our first son and are finally sorting through clothes and toys and assessing what we still need to get.  I was starting to panic for a bit there when I realized I was more prepared for my craft show in October than I was for the birth of my second son happening just 3 weeks after that.  So I am slowly making progress on both fronts, realizing that I wont be as prepared for either as I want to be, or even as prepared as I had been before.  Just for funsies, here's me 3.5 years ago with 2 months left to go... overly prepared and anxiously waiting our first son's arrival.
 Of course, at that time I thought I was huge and completely exhausted and totally not prepared.   Little did I know that I'd get bigger the second time around, I would now kill for the level of exhaustion I was dealing with then, and I had everything I needed in that moment to be a good mother.  I have everything I need to be a good second time mom now too.  For I know that even if we dont have everything we want/need in place when he arrives, this little boy will be very very loved and that is the most perfect beginning to life I can give him.  We can scramble for the rest of it as we need to.  So, I am not letting the stress of a too busy life wear me down, as I look forward to all the squishy sweet moments like this so soon to come...
And I welcome all the chaos, exhaustion, distraction, and oodles of fun that two of these little guys will bring my life...


  1. very exciting! God's grace and peace be with you guys in this time. we are having number 2 in march! should be a great adventure as we have a very active almost 2 year old. Peace!


  2. Harmony, the reasons I went MIA from my blog was for all the ones you outlined above!!! Thinking of you in the next few weeks, so soon it will be all over and you will have your delicious bundle of complete joy in your arms! XX

  3. *hug* I just finished my second pregnancy two months ago.
    (I'm a new reader that found you on *Create Loves*)

  4. You're so close! {I'm over here from And Here's to You Mrs. Robinson and loving it! :]} Also, your little boy is adorable! I am in love with his curly hair!

  5. Love love love this post...especially as I am 6 months pregnant with our first little one. I feel encouraged!!

    Also, LOVE your blog. Just discovered you...I'm not sure how, exactly, but I'm so glad that I did! :)


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