Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mesmerized By the Art of the Pour

Sometimes the creation of art takes a force of nature.  I stumbled upon Holton Rower's Pour painting series this morning, and they absolutely mesmerize me.  I've been exploring the use of unusual color combinations and patterns to incorporate in my own work and the natural integration of vivid colors and naturally created patterns in these works definitely intrigue me and get me excited to try something new.  Here are a few pics of the creation of a HR Pour painting.
He apparently doesnt even do the pouring, he directs people to do it in particular timings, amounts, colors, a true director of the art making process but at the same time allowing his vision to transform and morph as all the different variables start to play out in the moment.  I want to be more like that with my own process.

I started thinking, maybe this would be a good Creative Play project for me to try with my son.   If you are new to my blog, I do an ongoing video series of art projects that I create in collaboration with my very unpredictable and energetic three year old son.  It is a lot of fun and tons of mess, but it teaches me to stay fluid in my vision for a piece of art and allow me to not stay attached.  So he and I are off to hunt through the wood shed to see what we can find for our morning mommy/son playtime.  (We just cant stop making huge messes together!)  I'll post the video of our work together tomorrow. 

Until then, you just have to watch this video of the creation of the HR Pour work that the pictures were taken from.  It is, as my son said when I showed it to him over breakfast, "so pretty!"  The process of fluid color flow is incredibly breathtaking.  Enjoy!



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