Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Falling Feathers

So as promised, here is the drawing turned painting that I worked on yesterday based on the design element of feathers.  Here's what I did: I started with a basic sketch with graphite and then did several water color washes over it.  Then I mixed a light brown acrylic for the background and back painted the 5x7 piece.  Once it had dried I went back over the drawing, adding lines back in that got painted out and then affixed the paper to an 8X10 sturdy backing paper painted white (to give it texture).  But I craved even more color and so smeared the pink onto the frame straight from the tube.  Once everything was dried, I embroidered the white thread around the center image and Voila! Easy Peasy.  Try this with any iconic design element that you adore.  The key is to use repetition with just a bit of variation in your drawing and keep it simple (something I constantly struggle with).  If you missed the original post from yesterday.  You can see it HERE and get inspired by lots of feathery goodness.  Happy Creating!

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