Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make This! Your Own Artsy Tape

If you are anything like me, you drool over all the gorgeous new lines of colored and patterned japanese (washi) tapes that are blowing up the crafting scene these days.  I would love to own tons of them in every sort that is sold, but I just cant bring myself to spend the $5-10 per small roll that they cost.  There are so many different fun uses for them, and I knew there just had to be a way to make my own for such projects.  Here is my version of making artsy tape, and in my opinion, they turned out so much more interesting and fun than the manufactured version. 

 Gather these materials: Freezer Paper (regular wax paper will also work, but is harder to peel off), Paint (no need for expensive stuff, get the cheap craft stuff), Paint Brush, Scissors, Masking Tape (of whatever width you like.  I had the wide roll on hand but you may want to try the thinner version as well), lots of other fun art making supplies (whatever you have on hand that you like working with.  I chose a sharpie, hand carved stamps with stamping ink, water color pencils, roller, distress ink, and vintage papers.

Tape down a sheet of freezer paper, waxy side up, and start adding strips of masking tape to it.

Add some pretty paint colors and paint a thin layer over each.

A cute helper is always better :)

When the paint is dry, start adding your decorations.  This batch I did with my 3 year old so it's a bit messy, but when they were all done, they actually looked really cool!  So dont worry about it turning out messy looking.

Here are a few other ones I did without my overly exuberant helper.  From left to right, the techniques I used were: bubble wrap stamped, handcarved stamp, stencil overlay, another handcarved stamp, oil stick drawing, and the last two are collaged with vintage papers using regular craft glue.

Then carefully remove your tape strips from the original paper and move to a clean sheet of freezer paper.
You can just roll up the sheets like that to store away for another project day, or you can cut them down like I did so that they are ready to use.  Dont forget to leave yourself a bit of paper tab on the ends to help you get started when peeling off for use.

There are so many fun ways you can use tape like this.  I used mine today to decorate some mailers to send to a friend.  How fun are they!? Who wouldnt love to receive a happy package that looks like this?

What other sorts of ways can you think of to use artsy tape?  I saw this blog post recently that was full of creative DIY Washi Tape Projects, and it's definitely worth checking out.  Also, you can come back tomorrow for my Art Journal Post, and see how I used them in my latest page creations.  I do hope that this inspires you to try it yourself, and that all your tape using is colorful from now on!


  1. now that is stinkin' COOL!!! thanks for sharing :)

  2. SO creative! I would have never thought to do anything like that! I've made lace fronted tape before, but this is just amazing! So great!! ♥

    ♥ alethea

  3. Love love LOVE this!! How cool is that?!?!? Visiting from Freckles Nest and now your Etsy shop is in my favorites. Love it!! thank you!!! :)


  4. This is amazing! Great works :)

  5. This is a wonderful technique. I have some ideas and definitely will try this out.

  6. What a pretty idea! The black and gold tape is my favorite!

  7. ahhh this is the best DIY i have seen in a while.
    so glad i found your blog through freckled nest.
    will be trying this out. love the one with roses.

  8. Harm, you are so cool! Love you and your art!
    Jen Frank

  9. Dearest sweet Harmony, such a FUN project to make our very own tape! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy mid week and love to yoU!

  10. Harmony, This is a fantastic project - I have never used decorative tape in my projects, but now I will definitely have to give this a try! Thanks for the great tutorial :)


  11. Wow this is so FUN! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I`ve seen homemade washi tape before but NEVER like this! must try! bri from La`s blog!

  13. What a great idea! I'm going to have to give this a go =) x

  14. This is amazing! Love creating outside the think box -very cool.

  15. These are great, thank you very much for the tutorial. Annette x

  16. There's always a way to avoid enormously expensive materials, and this is just perfect!!!

  17. Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing!


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