Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inside My Art Journal: Exploring My Yellow Self

 I am taking a fabric surface design ecourse right now and have been giving a lot of thought to patterns and colors that I want to experiment with in a textile.  It's really hard sometimes to sketch out ideas and it feel totally original to me. There are so many iconic background creators out there right now, sometimes I feel at a loss for what is truly me and what is inspired by the images that I have seen.  I believe that it is truly ok for an artist to use other people's work as inspiration.  In fact it's how a lot of really famous artists got their ideas, by working alongside and being influenced by there artisan counterparts of their day.  But sometimes when I use a technique frequently used by another much more famous artist, I feel inauthentic, and in-authenticity is a total killer of creative energy.  So today's journal pages truly reflect me wrestling with myself to find a unique creative voice that is totally me.  I also really wanted to experiment with pattern making on yellow backgrounds ever since I saw these! Yes, you can get inspiration from anywhere, even socks.  The trick is how to take that inspiration and help it grow something new and unique that could only come from you. 
So here are my 2 pages for today.  I also used a lot of the artsy tape that I made with you yesterday.  Can you spot all the different ones?  If you'd like to create your own tape for a project, check out my DIY here.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I'd love to hear what you are journaling about (on paper or on your blog) today.


  1. I love getting a glimpse inside someone's art journal! So glad to have found your blog via Freckled Nest.
    Lately I've been gathering lots of inspiring thoughts and quotations in my journal to keep myself motivated for working out and being brave in my friendships.
    xo Allison

  2. Harmony;
    When you were gone for a little while and weren't posting as much because you were trying to finish your education, I missed you. It is so nice to read your posts and see your creative side bursting with excitement. You inspire so many of us, thank you!! Your journal pages are beautiful!


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