Friday, August 5, 2011

Graduate School? Later Gator!!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

I am officially done with graduate school at the University of Florida Dept of Counselor Education!  No more Orange and Blue Fighting Gators for me!  Read more about my process of finishing my degree while becoming a mom HERE.  I want to tell you more about the experience over the last 5 years, the intensity of emotion and transformation of spirit I experienced as I learned to be a healer of relationships and enter into other people's deeply intense emotional space, but I am off with my family this afternoon to celebrate my accomplishment.  So until I have the time later to share those stories with you, I just want to celebrate with joy and spread the love with a SALE!  (plus I really need to save up for another video camera, if you missed the story of that death, click HERE).

I have extended my summer sale through the weekend in my Etsy Shop and will be loading up every order with lots of extra goodies (you could find pinback buttons, magnets, extra prints, notecard sets, block prints, journal necklaces, so much more packed with your stuff!)  So use code: SUMMER SALE11 during checkout to get 20% off and get ready to have Christmas in Summer coming your way with a box full of surprises. 



  1. Congratulations, Harmony! What a huge milestone. Spread those wings!

  2. Congrats, that is a huge milestone, but that uni is something of a beauty.


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