Monday, August 8, 2011

A Day Spent Inside The Ocean

Part of our family visit to Atlanta included the infamous aquarium, you know, the one with the largest actual aquarium tank and all the wale sharks that kept dying when they first opened.  Well, I was happy to say that all their fishy friends are now very happy and healthy and we had a marvelous family day together.  The colors and shapes of the ocean were gorgeous, and though it doesnt do them justice, here are a few shots from that experience.

  I couldn't resist and had to post this pic.  All ready to go inside, patiently waiting for Grandpa to park the car.  I guess he decided to take a picture of his "goo-goo" shoes because he loves them so much.

 A close encounter with a young sea turtle. We spent a solid 30 minutes playing with this little guy through the glass.

 Nothing quite as spectacular as watching the white Belugas glide through the water.

So many shapes and sizes...

 An unexpected smile spotted in the crowd.

Let the Feeding Frenzy Begin!

My little man and I enjoying the show together.  I just love sharing moments like these with him.

Here's a silly bit of my own fishy creativity from my art journal, inspired by our lovely day under the sea.  (Psst...because someone is starting swimming lessons this week).

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  1. Great pictures, love the one of the beluga! xo


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