Sunday, July 17, 2011

Creative Play...discovering color

So after a bit of technical difficulty (being that my son demolished my SD card reader yesterday and I couldnt get my photos onto the computer), I finally have this week's Creative Play Video up for you to view.  This time it's just me.  My son was very busy this week assisting his Dad with some very important hammering and other manly activities outside (we are doing some rewiring of electrical stuff to our new tool shed), and he couldnt be distracted with any art time with mom.  I tried once to get him focused on a project but he just ended up trying to wear it like a cape.  Go figure.  If you havnt seen the other video's that I did with him, just click HERE to find them.  This week's is a bit of play using an embroidery hoop with stretched muslin on it and lots of fun color work.  I am trying some new techniques with mixing my painting with hand sewing and this video shows me getting the canvas ready to sew on.  The drawing that I start with on the material was just something I free hand drew.  Hope you enjoy the process and maybe get a little creative inspiration from it! :)

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