Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Colors To Fall In Love To

I've been seeking out new color palette ideas and found a few gorgeous shots and blogs that inspired me, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Found HERE :) - you must check out this blog its so inspiring!

 Found HERE (I am seriously considering taking this ecourse as well)

Found HERE - I just love this! The pairing of the bright colors with the natural wood tones, so fantastic!

 Found HERE - love the playfulness in her work

And this Found HERE - its cake! so cute and such rich colors I couldnt resist (FYI: my secret dream is to moonlight in my retirement years as a cake decorator.  I have no idea how to do anything with cake, but I am obsessed with cake decorating shows!  It seems like such fun.)

 Found HERE - Eco Finger Paint, the colors come from natural earth elements, so pretty!

So as you can see, bright colors are really attracting me right now, which is kind of odd since I am currently working on a piece with a very subtle color palette, but I just cant stop looking at bright color collections I find along the way.  Hope you find some inspiration in there too :)


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