Monday, September 13, 2010

Dream Flight and Fearlessness

 I adore this painting.  I have adored it since I first saw it on the Somerset Studio mag Cover.  It is a mixed media artwork by the very talented artist Anahata Katkin.  The word fearless is so powerful, and it is a constant goal that I hold for myself.  I've always struggled with shyness, lack of self confidence, and low self esteem, since I was a little girl.  Motherhood and Art making have both the catalysts in helping me grow past these boundaries and discovering what my true self could be like free of fear.  I am saving up to get a print of this painting.  I love it so and it must live in my art space with me.

I am excited to show you a bit more of my painting I did about being fearless.  I finally got the time to put all the scans of this large painting together and get a good print of the full painting.  I wanted to share her with you this morning.

Dream Flight...Mixed Media Painting done by me...2010

Fear will always be a struggle for me when it comes to pursuing my dreams.  When I keep them as just dreams they hold all the potential in the world, and actually trying to make them real can be terrifying.  What will happen, will I fail, am I good enough to do this well, will someone else do this better?  A million questions plague my mind until I can be paralyzed to make any steps toward reaching my fullest potential. This lovely little girl helps me remember not to let my fear control what I do with my dreams.  She encourages me to keep going, because even when you start down the road of achieving a dream, there are tons of bumps along the road and fear starts to creep back in.  

I am hoping to get some time in my art making schedule soon and make a couple other friends for her in the same style.  I hope she brings you a smile today and helps you release a tightly held dream into the world today.  I am off to the printers to see if I can get a large size print made of her to mount on wood!  (am really excited about this)  Have a happy and blessed day!

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  1. Aww, I love both of these paintings! And art as a way to overcome our fears. It's just so perfect. I love the message in the dress of your painting. Have a love week!


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