Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update from the Art Room...letting go and trusting

I've been feverishly working away trying to get ready for the looming craft shows.  I wonder whether I will ever be as ready as I want to be?  I may have to accept that my own need to make perfection a goal when it comes to my own craft is a waning dream, and I'd be better off just shooting for above average and maybe surprise myself.

 (Hope or Lets Just Be...print by Jessica Gonacha...available here...not my work, 
but I adore it and it makes me happy.  I just had to share)

What I mean by this is that I have a picture in my head of how perfectly beautiful my booth will look.  I want it to be an experience for people, bursting full of handcrafted things with beauty and inspiration dripping from everything, color and texture so intense and yummy that the booths next to me look bland in comparison.  I want my displays to be gorgeous, professional, and look like I've been doing this for decades (and not 6 months).  I want to have so much inventory that I dont sell out too early, and have so many different kinds of products to sell that people have trouble picking what they want.

 (my heart is always Harmony 2010...3"X3" Wood Panel mixed media painting covered in beeswax)

These are HUGE dreams, I know.  I tend to over achieve when it comes to this kind of thing and will always overspend on decor and display, because my vision of what I want it to look like somehow becomes as much if not more important than whether I end up making a profit when it's all over.  (Like right now I am in negotiation with myself on whether or not to buy a dress form to display the journal necklaces.  $70 just so I can put wings on the thing and create a story around my jewelry line).  I think I get so over the top with displaying my artwork because I am still not completely convinced that I am a "good enough" artist to sell my work, and maybe if I create a really special environment to display it in, I can convince people to take the time and find what is special about my art held within it.

 (Dream Harmony half of 18'X36" mixed media painting on canvas board)
Print available HERE

 I need to trust myself more.  Trust my friends and family here in Florida and you here using the internet, that I am good enough to show my work, to sell my work, and YES to even one day have a fan base!  Its a process, I know this.  Some days I feel more confident than others. After I finish a painting that I think is really good, I'll hit a high and be soaring with confidence and assurance that I should keep pursuing my passion as a profession.  But it takes no time at all before I am starting on a rough sketch on a new white canvas and feel that cloud take over my head and my heart sink a bit as I start to think, "there is no way I can pull this off well.  I might as well not try."

 (Loved Harmony 2010...Mixed Media assemblage piece on 4"X4" Wood Panel)

So that is where I am at... learning to let go and to accept and love myself for who I am and where I am at in my artistic journey.  These pics are a few of my HIGH moments this week, and I wanted to share them with you.  Thanks for all the support you have given me.  It is part of what keeps me going.  I would love to connect with other fledgling artists like myself.  If you have an artsy blog that you keep up with pictures and stories from your own creative path, please share the links in the comments.  I promise to visit often and return the support.

Be Blessed My Friends :)




  1. this pictures are so beautiful and the girl you painted is so breathtakingly beautiful..she reminds me of someone I just cant put my finger on it.
    I'd love you to come over and visit my blog but I have no pictures..Saving for a camera!
    Take care and Believe in yourself like the Universe does..
    Paix et Amour!

  2. harmony, your blogs are so honest and relieving to hear. you and i share so many of the same feelings about pursuing our creative careers. "dream flight" took my breath away! it's one of the best paintings i've seen in a while. it's perfect. i wish i did it myself! har. har. i look forward to reading your blogs and i am so happy to follow you. it would be great to keep in touch. you sound like such an inspiring person. i wish you many happy hours of creating with your soul!
    with heart,
    rita maria

  3. Wow. Harmony! I love the new pieces!! I absolutely adore 'Loved Birds'.
    You are so inspiring!

  4. Hi Harmony, it looks like you are definitely ready to hit the markets with all your beautiful pieces. You've got it all covered but don't forget to take lots of yummy snack food and drinks to complete the memorable day. I also hit the glooms in my head around doing art from time to time & I find it helps if you write about it. Gets the negativity out the way so you can focus on the creative job at hand. You're doing great I reckon. Lots of love

  5. Dear Harmony,

    I love your wonderful creations and if your beautiful blog is any indication, your craft show booth will be amazing!!! However you decide to set it up, I'm sure you will be very successful - but please remember, your success will be because of YOU and your incredible art.

    I also have an inner perfectionist telling me very similar things, so this post definitely speaks to me. Thank you for sharing - it is a very brave thing to do.

    Please be kind to yourself as you prepare...


  6. Merry Meet Harmony,
    I absolutely adore your blogs and your art. Don't give up and yes, trust yourself. I'll light a candle for you in hopes that you find what you are looking for.

    Blessed Be,

  7. Harmony, your work is beautiful and honest and that is what makes paintings come alive. Every blessing and best of luck with your booth, and hope to see you over at "my place" some day soon!!


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