Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Month, New Friends, New Beginnings

Can you believe that it is July!  This summer is flying by for me.  I have so many fun projects and art pieces in the works for this month, and I cant wait to show them to you when they are done.

(pic of digital art I did for a custom Art Journal. copyright by harmony 2009)

Well, July 1st happens to be special day in my bloggy-world, because it is the first day of a month of advertising for this site.  In an effort to reach out and expand my readership and make new connections with other incredible artists, crafters, and handmade-art-loving people, and hopefully increase some traffic on my etsy site, I chose to buy a small advertising space on a wonderfully creative blog "A Beautiful Mess" and a large ad on the super cute blog "little chief honeybee."  This is a huge step for me, a necessary one, to legitimizing my creative business endeavors, build an online creative community, and maybe find a few more fans of my art.

the small ad
the large ad

If you are wandering here from ABM or LCH, then WELCOME!  I am really excited to connect with you all. Being an Artist and a Blogger is a recent discovery for me, and I have been blessed by this process of developing my own creative voice and making new friends in this medium.  I am so happy that you are here.  Here are a few past posts you may want to check out to get to know me and my own artistic journey.

  (My first post!) (A turning point) and (a bit more of my story) 

And please stop by my Etsy Shop
It is were I hang the pictures of my heart and soul.

If you think you will be back again, please introduce yourselves in the comments.  I would love to hear from you and know a bit about your own life journey.

Ok so now I do have to take a moment and share a little love for the previously mentioned blog - A Beautiful Mess.  For those of you who have no idea what ABM is, "A Beautiful Mess" is a gorgeous blog run by a wonderful woman bursting with creative energy and skills, Elsie Flannigan.  She runs an artist collective/ online handmade art store called Red Velvet Art.  If you havnt heard of RVA yet, you must take a look at what they are doing, it is incredible!

One of my most secret dreams is to run a handmade artsy crafty store and have this amazing place full of creative energy, beautiful art, community, and crafty classes.  Well, Elsie is doing this!  She is currently in the process of opening a brick and morter store front for RVA in , and I couldnt be happier to contribute in my incredibly small way to her dream and live vicariously through her blog.

On To The Give Away Results!!

(detail pic of "Girl with Balloon" by Harmony 2010)

Another happy moment for me today, I get to announce the winners of my very first Give Away.  I plan to do this the last week of every month, as well as offer exclusive discounts periodically for my etsy shop to you, my faithful readers. So keep me bookmarked in your favorites, it will pay off I promise ;)

To choose the winners, I used a Random # Generator and here are the #s it chose:



Congratulations to Jenn and Grace!!  I will package up your prints and mail them off to you this weekend.  Please email me your addresses to:

For those of you who did not win, no worries.  I will be listing the "Girl with Balloon" print on my etsy shop today, and will offer those of you who commented on this giveaway an exclusive 50% off discount.  Just purchase the print and put in the message to seller (blog giveaway), and when I confirm that you are one of the people who commented, I will refund 50% of your purchase price on paypal.  (this offer is only good until July 4th.)

Remember, this will be a regular event on, so come back often.



  1. :) My email has just been sent! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    I am so excited!


  2. hello~
    I'm from Taiwan.
    and i'm so glad to read your articles and give views to your artworks!!
    they're so amazing!!

  3. Hello again.
    This is my second time commenting but my name is Emme and I hail from the Empire State.
    I am in my early twenties and am tapping into my creative side because being creative, happy, and loving gives me peace of mind..Plus as a child, I never dug deep into my gifts but I am learning to accept my gifts, use my gifts, and share my gifts..
    So good to informally meet you and I've come across this page via Little chief Honeybee!
    Good Morning!


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