Saturday, May 15, 2010

My First Craft Festival!!!

I cant believe that the fest is only a week away.  Even though I know this wont be a HUGE turnout type event, I still feel obsessed with getting everything perfect for the show.  In addition to all the things I still need to get done before the set up next friday, I decided to turn an application in for the Gainesville Downtown Fall Fest just for kicks.  (Pretty sure I wont be accepted, but on the 1% chance that I do, I wanted to try).  This process took up a HUGE chunk of time this week, getting journals finished, setting up a mock display for pics, writing artist statement, blah blah.  So now I am on my last weekend (the time when I get the most help with my son and I am free to work all day) and I have so many things I want to get done that I dont know where to start.  Send the facebook invite out...yes, that is a good place to start.  Then on to more painting and creating, but first a cross city errand run (why do i always need to go to two places on opposite sides of town?)  Anyway,  so many good pieces were made last week, and I am excited to see what more I can get to this week before my set up on Friday.  Hope to see you there!  I am so excited!!

DONT FORGET:  Gainesville Family Festival @ Alachua County Fairgrounds May 22-23

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