Sunday, April 15, 2012

A bit of catch up...

My world has been overwhelmed with good things lately.  Mothering, art making, new friendships, all good stuff, but I have been lacking in my posts here.  I am truly an introvert in that way.  When my life gets really busy, I tend to shut out any other social outlets that I can, just to keep myself feeling on top of it all.
So to catch up a bit, here's a few pics of my Easter Boys.
 Always the happiest baby in town, my sweet Zay celebrated his first Easter Day with all the Joy that the Lord has given.  He is such a gift to me, I often wonder what I did to deserve such sweetness.

 My oldest, Izzy, was not interested in a regular easter egg hunt, so my sister ingeniously incorporated his favorite game into the mix and viola! He was so excited to help the Angry Birds recover their stolen eggs that the pigs hid around his Grandmother's yard.

And then there was lots of train time with Grandpa...

I always forget to take pictures of myself and my husband.  I suppose all the cuteness just distracts me, but we had a wonderful weekend of friends and family gatherings.  I couldnt have imagined a better way to celebrate resurrection day!

So in my life right now, I have two art shows coming up in the next month, which has put me and my sister back together working again to get the booth, artwork, displays, all together and ready.   I am making some shifts and trying to do more ART shows and less CRAFT shows.  The crafting part of getting ready for a festival is like and addiction but the work load sucks the life out of me, so I am trying to quit.  I am on step 2 of the craft making recovery process.  It might be a long road ahead to a full healing, even now I've had two different moments this week of "I could totally make that and sell at my shows!", and then I have to stop myself and remember my promise to myself and my boys that I am done with mass crafting (no matter how stinking cute and easy it looks on pinterest!).   So I have reinvented my booth to feature mostly just art and prints and invested in a professional wall system.  Here's a booth shot with a quick mock set up I did the other day for a show application.
(of course I realize after the shot and everything was put away that the paintings in the back were crooked).
I  honestly wish that I could just make art and somehow it would find its way to the people who want it, without all this presentation and show, but I am trying to pay my dues to the process of becoming a selling artist, and I am very blessed to have my family supporting me in this and my sister's dedication as a teammate to helping me get there.  I have been working really hard on some new pieces.  I havn't been able to get them scanned yet, so I'll post them as soon as I can.  In the mean time, I did a few more digital artworks using layers of my own hand-illustration and vintage photos that I own.
 The Dancer  2012 by Harmony Lenasbunt

I Vow Forever 2012 by Harmony Lenasbunt

You can find prints of both of them in my shop.  I hope you are having a wonderful April.  I will be on the road with my family next weekend doing my first OUT OF STATE show.  YIKES! I am a bit nervous, but it should be lots of fun.  If any of you are around the Chattanooga area, come on out and see us at the Chatty Crafty.  Well, there's a little boy yelling my name, so I'll sign off.  Be blessed and check back for new painting updates and pics from our next show.  Ciao Bellas!


  1. Beautiful! You have a lovely blog, and I'm a new follower ~ So nice to meet you!
    Anne ♥♥

  2. I love The Dancer! I ordered one of your art journals a week or 2 ago and I cannot wait to get it :)

  3. So good to catch up on what you are doing lately :)

    Good luck with your art show and give those kiddies a hug from me, they are adorable x

  4. your booth looks fantastic harmony and god bless your boys! they are so adorable!


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