Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Animal Totems: The Bear

Hello dear friends.

I was recently hit with enormous creative inspiration and have been painting up a storm.  This is a feat within itself as I am still operating on newborn baby time.  I did not expect my creative energy to return so quickly and with such force after giving birth 2 months ago, but I cant stop its flow and must just let it channel through me.  I wanted to share with you a bit of what I did this weekend.  This is a piece from what will most likely become a series on spirit animals.  I love the idea that our animal friends teach us about ourselves through their natures.  That we can both relate to them and gain insight into ourselves from their spirits.  They can also teach us how to grow, and be more patient, more selfless, more balanced in our lives.  I wanted to start with the Bear.  Maybe because I feel like a Mama Bear right now, but nevertheless, here she is...

"I have the spirit of a bear.. grounded and strong, 
fiercely protecting that which I love, 
leading others with a cautious mind and an open heart"

Here's the finished piece.  She's quite large (about 16" x 22").  I used vintage papers for the under layers, then kept building texture, color, shape, and design on top.  I couldnt decide whether to add words to this one, so for now she is complete until I change my mind again.  ;)

What other animal spirit would you suggest for the next one?


  1. I LOVE it, this just looks amazing. Very Inspireing. <3 Denmark

  2. Hi Harmony, I am so happy to get here to your blog...Your art and energy makes me smile. Thank you so much for visiting and for the sweet comment in my blog. I went to visit a few of your posts and i love it!! Your art is beautiful!!! So glad to meet you, my brand new class mate!
    Your baby is so sweet and adorable!!!

  3. Harmony,
    This is WONDERFUL! I recently found my "spirit guide" or "totem animal" in the dragonfly. They kept appearing to me and lingering for an unusual amount of time~so much so that I looked up there meaning and realized they were there to remind me to accept change and stay present to the day as their lives are short and fleeting. I will look forward to seeing more of your work! love, Laura

  4. Beautiful! You're amazing at layering; I'm jealous of your skills! Ahaha.
    Maybe you could do a Wolf totem? Check here for ideas: <-- This site says exactly what I was thinking when I thought of the wolf totem!
    I look forward to your future animal totem pieces. Thanks for sharing your art and inspiring others, including myself, to branch out and try new things :]

  5. wow! been watching your blog for awhile an just had to comment because your art has shifted. what beautiful imagery. love it!

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