Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Artsy Inspiration: Uppercase and Dottie Angel

I ran across this video this morning as I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee. Its kind of an advertisement for a book by Uppercase, but it is so full of inspiring colors, images, and pretty music that I had to share it with you.   It features a lovely British Crafter named Tif, who goes by Dottie Angel in her creative business.  I was instantly inspired by her home and and creations and fantasizing about moving to the countryside of England to craft my life away.  The book looks really gorgeous and bursting with more inspirational images.  I just might have to put it on my Christmas list. :) So if you need a bit of prettiness in your day, check it out and I hope it inspires lots of new creative energy!



  1. oh I love her stuff!! so beautiful!

  2. the dottie angel book was my birthday present this year! its full of everything that makes tif so unique. i actually just finished reading it the other night. i definitely recommend it. <3

    i just found your blog. really excited to take a look around! :)


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