Saturday, October 1, 2011

DIY Saturday!! Fabulous Fabric Flower Necklace

Hello Hello, good Saturday to you all.  I am in an especially good mood today because for the first time the Florida humidity and heat that normally greets me first thing in the morning has been replaced by the most glorious 70 deg breezy sunshine.  It is amazing to me how much weather can affect our moods and energy levels.  We instantly opened every window in the house, shut off the A/C, and had a sweet little family breakfast on the porch.  Now with the little guy playing happily with his sand toys and daddy mowing the lawn, I get to spend my entire Saturday CREATING! YES!!  I absolutely adore Saturday projects.  I am kind of locked down with craft show preparations; however, I have a guest post DIY up on Mano Metal's blog that I'd love for you to try. 

This was a seriously easy and super cute project.  I am planning on making these for several friends for Christmas.   Also, my first Gigundo Sponsor Group Giveaway has ended! Thank you all so much for participating.  I will announce the winner tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! Leave me a note and let me know what fun things you are getting your hands into today.


  1. Yay! A whole Saturday to create. Your morning sounds wonderful!

  2. I loved the DYI. I think this is a fun project that I'll have my Beta Girls do-so we can sell them at Relay for Life this year!

  3. Super cute! I might just have to try making these!
    (LA sent me!)

  4. thats pretty and cute!
    thanks for sharing ;)

  5. What a cute DIY! Thanks for the idea!



  6. Thank you ! Easy and cute ! My favorite DIY !!!


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