Friday, September 9, 2011

A Sweet Little Book Made with Love

Hello! It's Friday :)  Which for me means the opposite of most other people.  The weekends are my time to get as much work done as possible in my art room, while my husband and little boy are off playing.  So I am gearing up for a few days of creative play and crafty work, but I wanted to take a few moments and show you what I made yesterday.
Here is the finished journal that I made from the pages you saw me make yesterday.  When I started putting it together, I really felt like it needed some vintage flair, so I added lots of extra pages from vintage wrapping papers from the 50s and 60s, and several vintage photos from the 40s and 50s, along with a few pages from vintage fairy tale books.
Overall there are 35+ pages of color popping goodness, lots of bright pinks and blues.  The cover is hand painted much in the same way that you saw me paint the pages, with a vintage wrapping paper layer underneath that peeks through, and I layers some antique lace trims on the edge of it, just in case it wasnt girly enough ;)
 The book is hand bound with a black metal spiral and embellished with a mix of recycled sari ribbons, hand spun yarn, and hand dyed silk.  It is a truly precious little book measuring 4.5"w X 6"h.
 This one of a kind entirely handmade journal is up for sale in my ETSY SHOP now, as well as lots of new prints and originals, at reduced prices.  I will be offering Free Shipping on everything through Monday, just use the FREESHIPPING code at checkout *(see store announcements for details).  Thanks for looking and I wish you a very happy start to your weekend.  DIY Saturday is tomorrow, with a super fun project in the works, so perhaps I'll see you back here for more creative fun in the morning.


  1. well nuts ! that sold fast ! any chance of another one? The weekend is still young.

  2. Yes it sold very fast :) I have 5 more in the works today. Keep an eye out for them, I'll list them on Etsy as soon as they are completed. Probably tomorrow AM. thanks! :)

  3. Just listed a second one,

    A third will be up later today. :)


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