Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Nearsighted Fox and The Fashion Forward Turtle.

Happy Saturday!  Time for a new coloring book challenge!  I hope you have your favorite coloring tools ready to play today, because I have two new coloring book pages to share with you.  The idea behind this activity is to just play.  Have fun and remember how much you loved coloring when you were a child.   Let your imagination go wild, color outside the lines, make a pink sky, color the trees purple! Create stories for the characters as you go along, and make them come alive.  Just click on the image and then save to your computer.  You can color digitally, like I did here in my examples, or print off to paint, draw, scribble all over.  Please keep to the honor code of using my images and not reproduce, alter, or use in anyway other than your own personal use.  Have Fun!
 Coloring Page #3

Coloring Book Page #4

If you missed the first 2 pages in the series, you can find them under my PRINT Tab at the top!  So here are my versions of this weeks color challenge.
 This is Sally the Fox.  She is a shy little gal, and a bit nearsighted.  She needs to update her prescription on her spectacles, but keeps forgetting, and so will often bump into the trees as she takes her morning walks through the forest.  BUMP! Here come the leaves tumbling down on top of her.

This is Mortimer the turtle and his best friend Pickles.  Mortimer has a flair for fashion, and is a typical turtle, slowly taking his time to enjoy the sweet flowers along his path.  Pickles the song bird doesnt mind.  He loves his slow Saturday walks with Mortimer, just gives him lots of time to practice his singing along the way.

I'd love to hear your imaginative versions of the stories this week, feel free to post in the comments here and share links your colored pages here too!

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I hope you have a wonderful colorful day!


  1. What a great idea! Would you ever do a guest post under this theme?

  2. Hello! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to share that your coloring pages blessed me this week.

    I posted pictures of my colored version of the styling turtle with a link to your blog here:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful coloring pages!

  3. Great idea !!!!! i like the pictures too

  4. I LOVE to color and I have pages of fairies and princesses I've been coloring recently in a binder.
    These lovely pictures will go in as well.
    ANNY <3


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