Sunday, September 11, 2011

Honor Tragedy With A Celebration of Beauty

 Hello to you all.  This post is a bit different for me.  I usually try to keep the mood light and fun and full of creative inspiration.  However, it seems obvious that today is special and that cant be ignored.  It's September 11th, ten years after the words "war on terror," Al-Queda, and Osama Bin Ladin entered into our common vocabulary, ten years after the world acquired public threat color levels and we all started looking at people who were different than us with a bit of mistrust, and even more importantly, 10 years after thousands of people tragically died simply to be a symbol of hate. There are lots of thoughts and prayers being sent into our universe right now,  and so many people still in pain from the loss that happened 10 years ago.  It really was a loss for us all. no matter who you were or where you lived or whether you had any personal connection to NY City or the Towers, we all lost something huge that day.  We all cried and got scared and called our loved ones.  
 Typically, I dont believe in making huge monuments out of particular anniversaries just because they are divisible by 5 (something our culture loves).  I believe any major event be it joyous or heartbreaking should be honored in the way, timing, and frequency that is most significant to each person.  This event, however, feels a bit different to me.  This was a day that everything truly changed, and we were all thrown into a truly different kind of world.  
I must admit there is something really special about joining people from every part of our planet at the same time to remember and honor the people that were lost that day and the beauty of their lives.  There is something magical about a large part of the world taking a collective pause and sending love into the air.  I too will join them.  In my own time and way, I will have my moment of prayer and silence today, just like millions and millions of others.  I will also hug my family several times more than normal today and cover my baby boy with a million extra kisses, because no matter what the politics are that surround this date and the tragedy that happened 10 years ago, what it has taught me the most is to treasure every single day I have with the beautiful people God has put in my life, and make sure they always know that they are very very loved.  I want to honor this day by celebrating life, love, and the beautiful people in this world that we have with us.
 (this is my amazing family! pic by Laura Dawson of Chick-a-dee Photography
Join me! Hug your loved ones today, skype them, call them, email them, write them letters, make them crafty gifts from your heart for no reason except that they are special to you.  For sometimes we take it for granted that our special people know what they mean to us, and one day we will have no more chances to tell them.  So if I can convey any message to you today, I hope it is an empowering message of celebrating life, and that through loving and connecting with the significant circles of relationship we have today, we will truly honor the memory of what was lost ten years ago. 
 ***(All flower pictures are taken by the very talented Kristine Ortega.  She is a very talented photographer, fellow creative, and a friend.   She has also honored me by sponsoring my blog this month.  I had planned a guest post from her this morning with some photography tips, but being the pregnant scatterbrain that I am, I had not realized what the date would be today, and so will post that later this week.  You can get to know Kristine on her blog and see more inspirational pictures like these.)  


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  1. Very well said and such beautiful flowers to go with it. Your family is beautiful too :)


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