Monday, September 12, 2011

Discovering New Friends... Sponsor Love Week 2

Monday Monday! Hello Fellow Creatives and welcome to Feed Your Soul Art.  I am featuring more really lovely talented and inspiring people today, whom have been super amazing in supporting my blog this month.  I encourage you to check out their links and get to know them a bit more.  They really are wonderful ladies doing amazing creative things, and I just know you will find lots of inspiration from them today.

Find Out More About Bonita Here:  

Find Out More About Johwey Here:

Find Out More About Desiree Here: 

 Find Out More About Amanda Here:
Find Out More About Megan Here:

Find Out More About Kristine Here:

Find Out More About Britta Here:

I hope you enjoyed exploring the creative worlds of these new and inspiring sponsors of mine.  They are all doing amazing things and I am honored to have them be a part of my blog this month.  If you are a creative soul with a blog/creative Biz, check out my Sponsor Tab.  It's Free and lots of fun!


  1. this looks so awesome!! thanks so much for doing this :)

  2. lovely! Thank you so much! I tweeted this! xoxo.


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