Saturday, August 27, 2011

Even A Three Year Old Can Do It: Painted Fabric Video

The weekend has begun! I hope that you are safe and sound and enjoying your favorite morning cup of whatever getting lots of creative inspiration for your days off.  I wanted to offer you a bit of fun, energy, and lots and lots of color today! (oh and a bit of rock and roll)  So for your viewing pleasure, here's my latest episode of Creative Play with my 3 year old son.

I needed to design some fabric for a project I will be showing you later next week, and it seemed like a perfect mommy and son art-tivity.  We taped a piece of white muslin to a plastic table, grabbed a couple of sharpies (BTW: Under 5yrs + permanent markers typically demands being outside to avoid the "accidental" inspiration on your walls).

Then when our fabric was entirely covered in our creations, we watered down cheap-o craft paint and did a watercolor play over the design.  The effect was gorgeous, lots of pretty mixing of color.  There was seriously no way to screw it up, which made it PERFECT for little helping hands.  When it was finished we hung it up to dry and Voila, ready to use fabric for lots of projects.
 There it is drying with the sunshine coming through, so pretty.  While it was drying, I started gathering up laundry to start a wash since we were already playing outside, and my son starts yelling "Mommy!" "MOMMY!" like something was wrong (but honestly right now, every bit of information he has to share is urgent to him, regardless of the reality).  I poked my head out and asked what he needed.  "Mommy! (still yelling like it's very serious) It's PRETTY! I LIKE IT!" pointing at our creation.  Sometimes he totally kills me with cuteness.
(FYI: This fabric is NOT washable, so you cant use it in wearable art.  To make it washable use fabric markers and watered fabric paint and then heat set).  I hope I've inspired you to try to try this project by yourself or with a little helper the next time you need interesting fabric for a project.

BTW: If you didnt see my post yesterday, right now I am on the hunt for some artsy/crafty/creative bloggin people that I can team up with, more information HERE.  Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I absolutely adore this. I love how your son creates. I need to loosen up just like him and embrace fast scribbling. I will do that today in honor of his precious spirit. Your video really helped to share the joy of creating. Love all that you do. Thank you for sharing. {soul hugs} Ryn

  2. Wow!! That's actually really beautiful!


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