Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Boys and Rainbows

My son always gets so excited about seeing a rainbow.  Whether it is a real rainbow in the sky or one he spotted in a picture book, he exclaims excitedly... "look Mommy! Rainbow!" with a huge smile on his face.  How can you not spot a rainbow and without donning an instant smile?  There is a quiet wonder about them.  Its part of the magic of nature... God's gift to us.... a refracted light spectrum... whatever you choose to believe, I am sure that you too have experienced the childlike excitement that a rainbow lights up inside us.  I love to get inspiration from my son and so here are two recent works I finished onthe magic of rainbows after a storm and a play on the spectrum of color in white light and self identity. 

 Calm in the Storm 2011 by Harmony
Mixed Media Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board/ 8X10

Reflection and Refraction 2011 by Harmony
Mixed Media Acrylic Painting done on Canvas Board/ 5X7

Both paintings are now available in my Etsy Shop. 

What elements of Nature are Inspiring You Right Now?

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