Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bird Love...

I am running around like a crazy person finishing up details for the show this weekend.  (I cant believe I always leave things to the last minute).  Then my husband, son, and I are off to my folks home for some Thanksgiving festivities.  Being home for the Holidays is just a precious thing, you cant beat it.  Before I take off today, I wanted to share a sweet little pair of birds that I just finished.

"Night Owl" 2010 by Harmony
Done on 3"X3" Wood Block, acrylic paint and charcoal pencil

"Early Bird" 2010 by Harmony
Done on 3"X3" Wood Block, acrylic paint and charcoal pencil

I thought they were quite sweet.  Turns out when you are feeling creatively stuck, it helps to work in small un-intimidating canvases.  Less to fill! They were meant to hang together, so they are being sold as a set, and there are prints available on my Etsy Site.  Speaking of Etsy, I just have to rejoice a bit.  They FINALLY added a coupon code function to the Etsy Checkout system.  If you are an Etsy Shop Owner, you know how exciting this is for us, and if you are an Etsy Shopper, this means more Sales and easier transactions of sales than before... YAY!!!  This has been a frustration for me with this site for so long, so I had to take a sec and share my glee!! (Will have my first Etsy Coupon Code going this weekend!!!)

Hope you have a wonderful and love filled Thanksgiving Weekend :)  Dont forget to check back for my Black Weekend Sale coupon code! I will have lots of super fun stocking stuffers, prints, journals, and necklaces that will be up for grabs :)  Be blessed!!


  1. You message of love and support when Stellan was injured was so beautiful and perfect. I cannot thank you enough for reaching out to both him and I during such a difficult time. I will never forget your kindness and love.
    Thank you.
    Michelle and Stellan

  2. I love the Early Bird painting! So cute!


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