Friday, October 22, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow

I cant believe that the first show is tomorrow.  What a crazy journey it has been!  As I spent most of last night finishing off the details to my paintings and packing them up in boxes, I was overwhelmed by the realization of how far I had come in the last 8 months.  I am so blessed to have the ability and support to make this dream come true.  My family and friends have been such a HUGE part of how I got to this point, and I am so grateful to each one that lent a hand, a supportive word, or freely gave tables, a tent, art supplies, and more to support my buisness and art.  Even if I am not able to sell much over the next couple weeks (which for our financial situation's sake, I hope doesn't happen, but...), I feel like a success already!  As my sister and I spent most of Sunday negotiating the final set up plan of the display, I couldnt help but get sing-songy happy.  There they were, all my works, all the countless hours of labor night after night for 6 months straight, just surrounding me, ready to bring joy to someone else.  What a blessing!  I am getting really excited to run this booth, to talk about the art, jewelry, and journals that I made, to tell stories about how they came to be, the meaning behind the images, and hear stories from my patrons of how art making has blessed their life...

Here are a few pics I snapped while we were setting up.  They arent very good, but it'll give you an idea of what it will look like.


i am so excited about these grid panels to hang my paintings on!

So I am off to finish my last errands now.  I have at least twice as many things to accomplish today than I believe is actually realistic, so cross your fingers for everything going fluidly (and my son cooperating with me - the helper I had scheduled for today had to cancel on me, so he'll be with me all day (!!!) - that's what happens when your go-to babysitter is both your mother and a midwife/clinic owner caring for many other women with needs - she was up all night delivering babies, then has to see patients at her clinic for a few hours, then try to catch a nap before heading back up to the hospital for more deliveries - I never want that job!)  I'll be updating the blog on Sunday with videos and updates from the Festival.  Thanks for all the support and send me all the prayers and positive energy you can :)


  1. sending Awesome Vibes your way!!! Good Luck and have FUN!!!:O)

  2. GOOD LUCK!!!! Wishing you many financial rewards of all your hard work, and great fun achieving it all! Looking forward to seeing how you get on XX

  3. I have a feeling you will do amazing and rack in some pretty pennies with these amazing works of art. Wish I could visit your booth... enjoy yourself and let us know how great you do. Prayers for a successful show is going your way!

  4. I really enjoyed your artwork and I am excited to get the two prints I purchased hung in my little girls room! I look forward to her growing up surrounded by art and music!
    Best of luck and we will see you next weekend in Micanopy and hopefully purchase some more of your work!
    Marcee and Sophie


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