Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Silly Excitement

I am so excited I could bust!  And over the silliest thing too....  Calendars.  Yes, calendars.  About two months ago, I decided to create a mini set of monthly calendar cards to sell at the craft fairs.  This is when I discovered how incredibly inept I am at fiddling with photo editing software and graphic design type projects.  It literally took me days!..working hours on end each day... getting all the numbers correct in their grid for 12 different months, with my artwork images fitted above them... only to discover that they were a tiny bit too wide to fit the desired print size...have to do it all over again...only to discover that the type I chose was too hard to read when it all over again...whew success!  Then off to the printers to make my order.  Well the end result just arrived at my doorstep this afternoon, and I have been in calendar heaven all day.  They are seriously the cutest things I have ever held in my hands.  Well, second cutest....

my little man 2 weeks old 2008

or maybe third cutest....
Mr Darcy is a serious lap pup.

Anyway, at the very least... really really cute.

My 2011 Art Calendar with Case 
(different original artwork for each month)
More info and pics HERE

I bought little plastic cases for each set of cards which doubles as an easel to display them on a desk or shelf.  I have to pay homage to the creative lady that I got the idea from.  Andrea Lauren from Paper Sparrow is not only a lovely artist and cello player, she is also incredibly sweet and shared her insider information on how she made this same type of calendar last year with her art on them.  She has a great blog about her art and life that you can visit here

I am also incredibly close to finishing my mother and child painting, and I am really excited to share her with you and give you a bit of the story behind the painting very soon.  I hope you are all having a pleasant start to your week.  I've been working through a short panic attack when I realized I only have 3 weeks left before my craft fair chaos begins.   For those of you who have recently been following my blog, just know that I am taking on art shows for the first time this fall and have 3 BIG shows coming up, and I have no idea why I chose to do 3 at once or what they will be like (thus over compensating through making a million things to stock my tables and fighting nervous anxiety about whether I am ready for this).  Only time can tell. :)


  1. Hi Harmony!

    I think your calendars are adorable... What a brilliant idea :)

    You're doing great - I'm sure the fairs will be a huge success!


    p.s. I love your new banner!

  2. Hi Harmony;
    I am always inspired by your work and your written word. Your little guy and puppy are so adorable!!! I love the calendar and ordered one this morning!!!! Will have it on my art table for daily inspiration. I am loving my journal by the way!!! Take care and blessings to you and your family!

  3. so very talented, u are! yay! see..u are so on your way! :))))

  4. Love these!!! They are awesome and Im excited for you:O) Love the pics too, have an awesome day:O)

  5. I love the calendars Harmony! Good luck with your upcoming art shows! =)

  6. Congrats on your new pup!! We have a boston terrier (Tom) and he is sooo sweet, smart, stinky (you'll discover the little toot machine), lovey and perfect :) Mr.Darcy's quite the sweetie!!



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