Monday, September 20, 2010

Window Watchers

Dont you love the feeling of starting a new project?  Regardless of what your creative medium is, the beginning is electric.  
Your ideas, energy, and passion are swelling up inside you and they must get out.  
Since I have less time right now to just dive into new paintings whenever I get the inspiration, I have resorted to doing quick sketches of the ideas and then prop them up in my art room windows.  
That way I can stay connected to them and grab one up to work on when the time frame allows.  These are my latest window watchers. 
I am hoping to soak up an entire Saturday sometime soon working on unearthing their potential. 
Its almost time to pick a winner for the giveaway art print.  If you haven't entered your name for the drawing, you can still do so...HERE


  1. I love seeing and hearing how other artists work... and I know how elusive some few hours to work on your art can be!! Love and blessings to you X

  2. The naked linework is beautiful - how is it that it have a soft blur behind it?... is it on glass? Or is that an effect in Photoshop??
    Your work always makes me want to go in my studio and create!


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