Monday, September 6, 2010

new loves and merry labor day to you

I found a few lovely little things to share with you for this week.

1. Harps

As a child (about 10 years old I think) I was obsessed with learning how to play the harp.  I have no idea why.  I just thought that it was so beautiful and I always saw such beautiful and graceful women playing them.  My mother complied and spent the better part of the year trying to find me a harp teacher.  Needless to say, there arent that many of those around, and in the end we could only find one, a professor of music at a university 90 min away.  Well he was a bit eccentric and I was a very shy child, and when we went to meet him, he freaked me out so much that on the ride home I told my mom I didnt want to learn how to play anymore.  But to this day when I hear someone playing the harp, a bit of my childish dream leaps up in my heart.  I discovered this lovely young lady this week and have been truly enjoying her quirky style and the beautiful harp that she plays.

Being that almost everything I own is now several years old, getting worn out, getting boring, and getting completely destroyed by my art making routine, I find myself "window shopping" some of my favorite online sellers more often than I should (considering that for all intensive purposes, we have no available funds for clothing shopping while I am investing in art supplies for craft shows).  So for now, these lovely pics will have to do...I adore most everything I find at Ruche and and this seasons lookbook is just pure inspirational eye candy.  Here are a few of the dresses that I fell in love with.

Swoon :)  If only I could put a pair of jeans on under these lovely ladies and walk out my door in them. 

 I found this fashion designer on one of my blog wanders and just fell in love with their photo shoot design.  The clothes are gorgeous and romantic, and while I am not sure that I would rock one of their pieces in my normal life, how badly does this make you reminisce about being a young girl reading about Laura Ingels Wilder and getting swept up in the romance of a homestead life on the prairie.  Absolutely gorgeous!! Spend a few moments looking through their pics.

4. Artsy Bloggin Moms

Creative and Artsy moms totally inspire me.  I have been very blessed to meet many incredible women through my blog who walk the fine line of motherhood and running a creative buisness both as an important part of their lives.  Whenever I find myself feeling creatively drained or that inevitable guilt for getting too wrapped up in my own art when I could have been with my child, I gather  new energy, perspective, and joy from reading a blog of a young creative mom, just like me, feeling stuck in the same predicament and finding their own path through it.  These are incredible, talented, and inspiring women!  Here are a few lovely blogs with even lovelier people behind them, that you must visit and "meet" them as well.

So if you are in the mood for a bit of inspiration and beauty in your day, take a few moments and check out a few of these links and see where they take you.

I hope you had a splendid labor day weekend!  I got in a bit of work, a bit of play, and a good dose of family time.  It's never what I plan, but I couldnt have asked for more.


  1. Love those dresses and pictured leggings or jeans and my boots to with them:O) The Harp is such a beautiful instrument and one I love it is magical and soothing, I think of the young girl who was kidnapped in Utah everytime i see or hear a Harp she plays beautifully:O) Thanx for sharing have a great week:O)

  2. Dear Harmony, let me tell you: my DELIGHT and excitement when I read your bog post and saw my name mentioned!!! And as I read it, I was nodding, and thinking... "yes, absolutely!!", then I saw my name, ha ha. Thank you, I will repay the compliment, dear blogging friend, you made my day! XX

  3. LOVE Joanna newsom! She's one of my favorites! I'll for sure check out those blogs!

  4. that is so cool! thank you so much! wow...hehe.

  5. I have been in strict 'mommy mode' for over a week. Seeing my name on your blog lifted my spirits and has my creative wheels turning. Thank you so much!
    I love love the dresses! When I was a little girl my mom purchased me a pair of antique pantaloons to play dress up in. What memories these photos stirred up. Thanks for sharing!!


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