Sunday, August 8, 2010

a work in progress in great need of an opinion...

You know how when you are too close to something you have been working on for awhile and you just cant tell if it is good or not anymore?  OOH I hate this experience! But for right now, in my own artistic process, I still battle with feelings of discontent in my own abilities and can often second guess or rework a thing to death.  So I am going to stop, take my hands off, and take a breath.  Let that negative spirit drain away from my space and invite constructive critique from you.  I would love some feedback on this idea, I've worked so many different ideas for it, I cant judge it's merit any longer.

I am currently trying to work out a design for a holiday ornament to sell this fall at the Craft Festivals.  My idea is to make a very small 3X3"  or 2X2" art journal (in the same style and heart as the bigger ones I currently make and sell on etsy) that could hang on a tree.  I was thinking that the little book would have a little message inside prompting the family to each sign the book and record messages to themselves (or each other) for next year.  Would this be appealing to you as a buyer looking for a family ornament this year?  What sorts of things you want to write in a little book like this with your family (messages to each other,  funny stories, christmas quotes, ...)?

Here is the latest artwork that I have created for the cover art.  Its a mix of collage, painting, and penwork.  I plan on printing it on material and sewing around each square attaching some antiqued looking trim, then mounting it on the cardboard book covers.

Your thoughts are incredibly welcomed!  Be Blessed Today As You Have Blessed Me :)




  1. Harmony, I really love this idea! It makes me think of the 'Happy Notes' mom used to leave us as kids. Every now and then mom would get up before us and leave a trail (I mean sometimes 25-30 at a time) of neon post-it notes around the house for us. They would have little confidence boosters and sweet things to say about us. 'Jessi's handwriting is improving so much~ great job!'... we would make Dinah Zike 'hot dog' books and tape them in. I still have a book like this somewhere. I treasure those mornings. We buy a new ornament every year for Orin, what a special way to remember his milestones! And to package up a little love for our children for the years to come!

  2. I love it and think it's a wonderful idea!

  3. Hi Harmony!

    My name is Ira.

    Sorry for writting here, but I couldn't find your emal anywhere.

    I found your etsy-shop and your blog, and they are wonderful and inspiring.

    Would you please be so kind to allow me to publish some of your pictures in my own russian-language blog? Of cource, I'll give links both on etsy-shop and this blog.

    My blog is:

    Thank you anyway!

    Best regards, Ira

    P.S. Sorry for my english, I am just studying )

  4. harmony, this is a beautiful idea! i often find that when i get this frustrated feeling with a painting that i am working on its usually because it means SO much to me. most of the time, it ends up being one of my strongest paintings. so this feeling of discontent is just because you love it so much that you never feel like your doing "enough" for it. kind of like our friends and family...we love them so much and never feel like we give them enough time, love, appreciation, so on and so on. again, its a beautiful and unique idea that really shares your heart. thank you for having so much intention behind your work!
    with heart,
    rita maria

  5. thanks so much you guys! i appreciate your support. :) -ira: i sent you a message from you site. :)

  6. Yes. Personal ornaments are the best ones... pulling items out of the box that stir memories is what Christmas is all about. Beautiful and heartwarming :)

  7. First time on your blog and loving it - I love the idea of the mini journal ornament - terrific idea and I love the piece you showed!


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