Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reflection and Projection

 Wow what a weekend!  I was able to sell all the medium sized Limited Edition Bird Print Journals that I had made.  This was a HUGE blessing!  I put lots of love and blessings into the books I make and hope that all that wonderful positive energy can be received by their new owners.  So on this wave of excitement, I would like to see if there are some more creative people out there searching for an outlet for their thoughts and ideas. You see, I currently have 15, YES 15!!, small sized journals from the Bird Print Series and the Houses series.  I would LOVE to find homes for them as well and so decided that I would extend a special sale just for those journals that would start now and end next week.  That's one week to pick up a very special travel sized art journal at an amazing price.  Instead of a %, I just went ahead and changed the price for the books to $10, YES 10!!, just for this week.

I've been feeling really overwhelmed recently by the amount of work I still have to get done before the craft shows this fall vs the amount of work I actually get done each day.  The imbalance is insurmountable (one of my favorite words). :)   I have been doing really well at not freaking out.  I still have just over 7 weeks left to work.  The thing that troubles me is that I think I am going to have to create a work schedule to keep myself on track.  This was something that Kelly Rae suggested as part of her incredible ecourse that I took a few months back.  Her example and explanation of how it could be done, while gearing up for a craft show, was inspiring and very enticing.  However, scheduling myself and creating checklists have always been uncomfortable for me.  Its totally against my nature to be motivated by my 1-5 things needing to be done today.  I love spontaneity and unknown, when things get too planned out, I tend to back out.  I have lots of friends who are this type of person (the scheduling, listing, planning, type of gal).  I can think of one in particular that is a master at it, and it is incredible to witness how productive and focused she can be everyday.  I wish I could have more ease about that kind of lifestyle, but it is a struggle for me every time.  

I will have to force myself to stick to a schedule, talk myself into moving to step # 2 instead of detouring to some crazy new idea that just popped into my head, and I will definitely abandon my schedule over and over only to sheepishly pick it back up when I realize that I am wasting time.  I know this about myself.  I've had 31 years of experience in trying to be more organized in times when it is needed (ie: academics, work life, baby sleep training, etc) but always end up falling back into a casual "go with the flow" attitude and behavior.  I will keep trying though, if nothing else, it helps to give me a ballpark idea of how much I need to get done, even if I dont get them done "on time" according to the schedule.  

"Finding Balance" Cover Art done by me for an Art Journal

So without further adieu, here is my 
"TENTATIVE" Art Production Schedule.  
(the word tentative makes me feel much better) :)

1. Finish art block sets (5) - print artwork, cut papers, attach, cover with 3 coats poly
2. Make Art Necklaces (20) - print images, attach to glass, cut out, adhere to settings, attach bails and chains
3. Get (10) Journals done - print covers, attach to cut cardboard, gather papers, bind

1. Make Art Journal Necklaces (30) - cut, sand, stain wood for covers, attach cover art, apply resin coating, assemble papers, bind, attach chain
2. Finish out finished paintings (6) - cut, sand, stain trim wood, attach to edges, check all collage/mixed media elements that they are fastened securely (secure any bowed papers/elements), add varnish coat, attach hardware to backs for hanging 
3. Get (10) Journals done - print covers, attach to cut cardboard, gather papers, bind

1. Catch up on any/all list items from Week 1 & 2 that I inevitably did not yet complete .

1. Make pinback button sets (30), make magnet button sets (20), make freebie buttons (250)
2. Create Art 2011 Calendar and have printed
3. Make painting for bookmark freebies, stamp logo on them, and cut out (200)
4. Make "trash art" wall hangings with Izzy (3) and finish out the ones we already started (3)

1. Make rest of Journals needed (20 or so)
2. Catch up on items from Week 4

1. Finish making art card sets (50)
2. Finish out all art journal ornaments (30) - cut cardboard covers, cut inner papers, print instructions, assemble book and bind, attach canvas squares with front image, embellish with ribbons and trims, make loop to hang from.
3. Make collage panels (30)

1. Update all signage, prices, labels, etc..
2. Purchase shelving for tables, purchase dress form for jewelry, pegboard for collage panels to hang on (and hooks),  and all the other tiny things I cant thing of right now.
3. Print out all art prints, sign and date them, put in sleeves (100 various sizes and images)
4. Set up Mock booth
5. Assemble boxes for all items, label, make box with tools and supplies for show, gather all things needed for collecting $, get cash for change
6. Freak out a bit, because I have abandoned my schedule weeks ago and now my list for this week has 13 items on it ;)


my booth banner

Have I overwhelmed you yet? I am already exhausted just typing it all out.  I am really really excited about all this though.  I have spent years jealously eying all the amazing art and craft booths at these same shows, wishing I could be one of the incredible artists behind the tables, displaying my handiwork, inspiring people, and making $ from the hard work that they alone had done.  It is one of those dreams that I always wanted to do in my life, and I am overjoyed to be inundated with work in preparation for it.

I'll let you know how I'm doing in my progress over the next 2 months.  It'll will be fun to see how jacked up I can make this schedule over that amount of time.  I'm off to start #1 of Week 1.  Wish me luck and send me prayers ;)



  1. The word -"du jour" in our home at the minute is "rhythm"- less rigid, but moving at the same time... Good luck with all your work!

  2. first off, i love the kraft paper background!!! sweet...

    i know, the thought of going back and forth from working from a list. i try not to let it stress me and just move the things i didn't accomplish to the next day. i think you are doing so well since you have a family to look after. balance is key, no?

    i love the little journals....i may just have to have one of those.

    you are such a sweet, dear friend and i'm hoping one day we meet in person.

    heres to you accomplishing everything on your list....and here's to no stress....

    much love my dear

  3. Im exhausted!! But list have to be made bc reading yours I realized I forgot to buy saw tooth hangers again!!!I dont like to plan although i keep a calender and keep mental notes, im organized but the planning kinda just doesnt agree:O)

  4. What a schedule! Making plans for catch-up time is so smart. I always seem to forget that I am human when making a schedule like this... and end up totally frustrated. I will have to remember this :)
    Wishing you lots of quiet creative time.
    I am super excited to see the 2011 calendars.

  5. i especially love the cover of your journal! :)


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