Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh For The Love Of Journaling!

Ok, so I've been working on a little video for you to introduce my journals better, and show you a bit of what I do in my art journal, but I've been having MAJOR technical errors (mostly that I am not technologically inclined and therefore creating errors) so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.   That does not stop the sale fun though!! I've got a bunch of lovely, colorful, inspirational art journals ready to be taken home and filled.  I am offering a 25% off sale on all shop items (prints included) until Monday.

Just put the Coupon Code FEEDYOURSOULART25 in the message box at check out and I will refund you the $ via paypal.)

Also, any journal purchase gets a free 4X6 print of your choice!  I also just added a bunch of new prints of old work, lot of fun collage and mixed media pieces that I did last year.  (You can pick any listed print for your free one.  Just put the name of the chosen print in the message box at checkout with the coupon code).

Ok so here's the best part!  For the next 3 days, I am discounting my journal prices on my etsy site by $5 before the 25% sale, so you will get even more savings!  I would love to bring you some inspiration and spark your creativity with one of my handmade books and prints :)

One more super exciting thing to add... say you want an art journal but you really want a specific print as the cover art in a specific size.  Well this is a custom listing that I can easily do for you!  Just message me with the size and print that you want for the book, and I will be ecstatic to create a book especially for you.  

So dont miss out!  This will probably be the last major sale I do for a while since I will be trying to build up my inventory for the craft shows.  Remember FEEDYOURSOULART25 gets you 25% any purchase and journals are even further discounted and come with a free print of your choice.

Thanks so much for all your love and support of my art and my creative journey.  Check back for the video tomorrow and have a very happy and very restful friday night.



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  1. i love it and so wish this sale was extended so I could invest in a journal that was made with love..they are so beautiful!!

    Avec Amour


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