Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th, Bloglovin, and Alisa Burke rocks my face off.

 Its Independance Day America!  Here in the sunshine state, we are enjoying lots of rain for our 4th of July.  Oh well.  But that just means I can stay inside and create amazing ART!  I have a new prototype working right now for my journal necklaces.  I am really excited about these.  I'm using recycled wood from shipping pallets and diamond glaze for the covers.  They are turning out just beautifully!  I dont want to spoil the reveal, so pics coming soon.

Maybe you are stuck inside for 4th of July and looking for a crafty way to spend your day?  I have to share this USA inspired craft that Alisa Burke concocted just for this holiday.  I am currently obsessed with sewing fabric and paper together, so I fell in love with this simple and sweet idea.  Dont you just love it!  Alisa Burke is amazing!  It blows my mind the ideas she comes out with on a regular basis.  She is a wealth of inspiration, and i highly recommend adding her blog to your favorites. 

Finally, I received the suggestion to link my blog with Bloglovin, so people who use that service can follow along there.  So I did and its ready to be added to your Bloglovin lists.  You can just search for feedyoursoulart and you should find me there.  Its a great way to keep track of all your favorite blogs.  Thanks for the tip Jen! 

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I'm off to finish my little journal necklaces (my husband calls them booklaces, I havnt decided whether that is a cute or cheesy moniker yet)  How are you spending your day?


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