Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dont get tired of them more to peek at

Heres one more treasury for you to enjoy this week!  Oh my gosh, its becoming a theme on my blog these last few days.  This time my just listed little brave bird was picked for an etsy treasury all about disguises.  Super adorable.  I would love for you to take a look see.   Leave a comment on it if you like it. it. :)

Other fun news happening today:  I took on my first commissioned piece of art.  I am excited and nervous about it.  I've done custom work for people before, but mostly with Art Journals and this seems so much more personal (and a larger $ investment by my customer).  So I have the layout and design all worked up and ready to start on.  I decided I want to leave the real creative work of this until I have a big chunk of time available to get swallowed into the process of it.  So I scheduled a Me-Painting Day with the husband on Thursday this week, so I can be toddler-free and uninterrupted while I work on this project.  I'll take some pics along the way and let you peek in on my progress.  

Any commissioned work tales out there you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear any advice or tips you have on doing this kind of work.  (expectations you lay out first guidelines you follow to keep the buyer happy but not alter your creative voice)? Please share your wisdom :)



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  1. Congrats on the first commission piece! xo


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