Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative Inspiration and a Summer Sale!

Hi friends!  I am currently on a family vacation this week with my family and so the blog has been a bit quiet.  My family has enjoyed a longstanding tradition of gathering together each summer in a rented beachfront house on the Florida Coast and filling a week with sun, sand, and tons of silliness. I'll give you a few pics when we get back. Here's a bit of beautiful beachy art to enjoy until then.

I will be back to work on my art later this week, but I found myself with a rare few moments of quiet to myself today, and I thought I would share some fun and inspiration with you.  

I have learned that I have to play music that inspires me anytime I am creating.  It helps me work better, find my creativity, pulls my thoughts away from all the things that I have to do or have done that day.  I definitely have phases of different music styles that I am digging on.  This month it has been all about indie-pop, soulful singers, and fun beats.  What do you listen to when you feel artsy these days?

Here are two gorgeous songs that have been frequenting my play list these days.  I hope you enjoy!!

OWL CITY - FIREFLIES (this is my ringtone I love it so much!! makes me incredibly happy)


Also, I will be offering a summer sale and a giveaway this weekend!  For those people who have been eying a particular item on my etsy site but find themselves low on cash flow, I am doing a 25% off sale on all shop items Fri-Sun July 23-25.  Add me on Facebook or Twitter to get the updates! 

For the Giveaway, it is being done by Miss Kaelah Bee of Honey Bee in the City.  She has an adorable blog and is hosting a giveaway with a few of my items up for grabs!!  Go HERE to enter

Here are the items I entered in the giveaway

Have a blessed and beautiful day!




  1. Hey! I love love LOVE your art journals! They're beautiful! And your etsy store. I'm adding your blog to my Google Reader! :)

  2. Hello Hello Hello!! I love your shop and blog! I'm entering Kaelah's Giveaway today. :)

    Thera Joyce

  3. Those driftwood hearts are amazing! They looked like twine hearts to me at first.


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