Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sometimes a great skirt says it all

I realized today that everything I own has paint on it.  This is not an exaggeration!  I spent 30 minutes today trying to find a skirt or dress that I own that doesn't have a splatter of some unplanned color on it.  I finally settled with a dress that was just barely sprinkled with something light brown, ink I think.  The thing is that when I get both the bug in my head to paint and the time without mommy duties, I spring at the moment, leap straight back into whatever project is waiting for me, and then BAM, I look down and realize that I am still in my Sunday church clothes or nice new skirt or something else that I definitely should not be painting in.  I don't want to stop and loose momentum in my creative moment, and every time EVERY TIME, I convince myself that I wont mess this one up.  "I will keep it clean, it will be fine," I convince myself and I proceed with my painting.

But now I have run out of un-painted clothes.  They are all messy now.  They all have at least a bit of a painting or creative project that I did.  Do you know what gel medium looks like on black dress pants? No? I do.  Strangely, other than the very few times that I want to show up somewhere and be seen stain-free, it doesn't really bother me to wear my messiness.  I actually kind of like it.  It's like my work uniform or my badge of honor, letting everyone know I AM AN ARTIST!!  (or just really sloppy, but lets focus on the positive, shall we) :)   Anyway, I am sharing all this to announce that this part of me just FREAKED over a clothing line that I ran across the other day during one of my blog travels (you know when you just keep clicking from link to link to link until you end up somewhere fabulous and you have no idea how. i love those moments).

Anyway, I have to share some of these AMAZING clothes that the designers at Gibbous Fashion are creating.  They speak to my innermost secret desires to wear functional, beautiful, costume-y clothes all the time.  For any of you who do know me, you are well aware of my inclination toward dresses and skirts over jeans at all times.  I will rock anything from the very most basic a-line to the outlandish bright tutus (as long as I also get to wear jeans under them).  Its my thing, I guess.  My look.  Its really my compromise to being casual and comfy while also feeling girly and pretty, with a bit of whimsy in everyday life.  So you can imagine my incredible excitement over these skirts.  I couldn't stand it and I just had to share them with you.

I adore them, would sell my house furniture for them, wearing one of these has to feel incredible!  Oh to have a skirt fairy bring me one of these gorgeous creations...

Grunge meets the circus meets a princess....complicated, chaotic, colorful, just like me... I love it.  Thank you Gibbous for the inspiration and beautiful pictures.  If I could just sell enough art, I would happily buy your entire line.  To see more of their incredible fashions, visit the Gibbous website and blog @



  1. most of my clothes have dog hair on them.... what we love follows us! :)

  2. Hello Harmony!! I love love love your work! And these skirts are just wonderful, girl!! Yes, I tend to wear whimsy everyday, of some sort or the other, too! And my daughter--I thought she was the only one in the world that wore blue jeans under her tutus!! I love it!! We must be related somehow--I'm absolutely positive of it!!

    I found your blog through your ad on A Beautiful Mess! I very much like your blog and will be back often!!

    Oh yes...most all of my clothes have color on them, too. Either permanent marker, paint, glue-from collaging, glitter or sparklies of some sort, unknown bits of who knows what kinds of pretties that were supposed to make it into my art journal, or maybe most of it did, but I had to trim just a bit and it got stuck on my shirt or cammo shorts on the way to the waste basket! Oh yes...and guinea pig fur... love our art and our guinea pig! My daughter and I are just alike!!
    Take care and have a very happy 4th!!

    oh yes...I was going to say..I wish that I could send you all of those skirts...(with some for my daughter and myself, too!) but when I got to looking at really inspired me to make something similar.... hmmmm ;) I love fabric, used to create wearable art back in college..I know my daughter would love it... I will let you know ...things are a bit hectic right now...hopefully in a month or so our life will be smoother...
    hugs again....look forward to seeing more of your blog...I don't have any of my artwork up yet..hopefully this week...take care


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